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Questionnaire findings

During early October, the committee distributed a questionnaire to all households and businesses in the parish. As well as the standard questionnaire for all households, there was a separate questionnaire for the young generation included. To comply with the data protection act and to protect your privacy, all questionnaires are anonymous.

Questionnaires! The purpose of the questionnaire is to obtain the views and opinions of all those living in or associated with the parish. This on the widest possible range of subjects the purpose to form an action plan to achieve what you want for your parish both now and in the future.

The findings from the questionnaire and other methods of survey will initially be published on this web site and ultimately in the form of a booklet Preston Parish Plan. This booklet will be circulated free of charge to all households and businesses.

The final Action Plan that represents yours views and wishes will be presented to the Parish Council and District Council for implementation. You can see from this final result how important it is to complete the survey questionnaire and make sure that your view and opinion count.

The closing date for returning the questionnaire was Thursday 20th October 2005. We are now in the process of collating and analysing the answers for publication.

Prize Draw ** Prize Draw ** Prize Draw ** Prize Draw

Included with the questionnaire was an optional prize draw entry form. This draw took place at the Half Moon & Seven Stars pub in Preston on Friday evening, 21st October 2005. The lucky winners were Mr & Mrs Simpson of Elmstone.